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NHEEA Vol.7, 2011

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SCHOOL. What are the ways to gain trust of an abused horse and reach his heart again?

The NHE senior student from Australia, Joan Boyd, shares her experience in gaining a new relationships with horses being salvaged from equestrian sport.
Whatever the reason, there will be a great deal to learn – both scientific knowledge and knowledge of oneself. And the procedure is the same; that’s the marvel of it. So for the question: “What do I do, how do I begin with this problem horse?” the answer is simply follow the NHE program. For specific advice and help there is the opportunity to combine efforts to learn and so share experiences with fellow students.

HORSE REVOLUTION. Hippotherapy: In the Shadows of Equestrian Sports

The NHE student Donna Condrey-Miller made her own research on the so popular equestrian trend as hippotherapy and now she shows the shocking facts to the readers.
Even years later, clinical proof of the effectiveness of hippotherapy upon disabled persons remains in question, yet the use of horses as a therapeutic tool continues with great zeal.
As I revisit the subject today, inspired by Nevzorov’s essay, I can share his compassion and understanding of the intense desire of parents of disabled children and caretakers of traumatized patients to try “anything” that might offer possibility for relief, comfort or even a cure for their loved ones.
Let me be clear, what follows is not a criticism of the patients and their real need for medical and therapeutic intervention.

BARTABAS NAKED Or: The futile expectation to see Brabancon horses

In this issue we introduce a REVIEW written by Alexander Nevzorov on a popular Bartabas film “La Reprise musicale”.

"The Horse Crucified and Risen" by Alexander Nevzorov. Chapter four. War


The fourth chapter of the long-awaited book by Alexander Nevzorov.

CARTULARIUM. The "Turkish" curb

It is a very typical Ottoman curb. The mechanism of mouth impact is characteristic for the East. In Europe it is called «Arabic » or «Janett style» curb. Today it is widely used at races under the name «Chifney».

COLLOQUIUM. The Path of the School
In this issue we commemorate the anniversary of NHE School and forum. We introduce you an interview with Lydia Nevzorova, founder of Nevzorov Haute Ecole website. You will know the School history. How it all began and what will be the future progress of Nevzorov’s School.



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