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For me it is amazing the amount of qualitative, well founded scientifically researched infos included in it. I think that every person that are dealing with horses should read it because it gives the very basics and I'll spread it to all people reading english hoping to see soon some version in other languages available. Some articles are hard to read like the one on crushing out, some infos are like unveiled secrets like all the scientific proofs of harm of bit with the neuocranial shocks and the interview at the end gives us a deep insight of Alexander Nevzorov's concepts on horses, riders and "sport" peope. For me this is uncounternale, it is a must. Without forgetting the wonderfull pictures taken from Lydia. This is a very powerfull and usefull document to use for Horse Revolution and moreover it is done with dedication and passsion in a very professional way! Thanks a lot to the whole crew / staff that created this Revue.


I have downloaded them now, thank you very much. I know I will learn a lot from them.


Thanks to the NHE school for all it does to bring horses the adoration and respect they deserve. I signed the petition to Ban Horse Sports yesterday; well done! Keep up all your hard work! You will forever have my support!!!


Thank you very much for this wonderful news. I will read your book with great interest!

Sincerely yours, Martina

Not a question but more of a comment, Fantastic coverage and work. Thanks!

Jan in Vermont

I am just now able to afford to start purchasing your learning material now, I run a small horse farm in South Haven, Michigan USA....I have been training for some time now, about 14 years, and have just in the last 2 years suddenly have been becoming aware of the 'situation' between man and horse. I worked in NJ and rode some very fancy and high level Event and Dressage horses, and they were sore and heavy most times, with uneducated riders. I have taken lessons in classical dressage, but not much, I mainly fix horses that are ill tempered towards people. After only a short number of years in my training carreer I began to realize, like you had, that force was not the way... and that there was so much more to horses then most knew of. My horses tell me they are upset by pooping in the 'wrong' spot is just one example. Anyways, I am so glad to have found your resource, because I had not yet become aware it was possible without a halter or bridle at all! I mean we only use bitless bridles and soft o-ring snaffles to begin with, but you are right, it is amazing in the last few months since watching a short video on youtube, a can't believe what my horses are capable of...I cannot wait to begin to read how to do it in your words. Thank you.


Thank you so much. My six arabians will greatly benefit from me learning some of the techniues and more understanding of these practices, as I feel I already believe and live what Mr. Nevzorov wants us to understand.

Sincerely, Stacy

I highly appreciated some videos on youtube about you liberty work an riding and I worked myself through your HP trying to get any information about you and your Haute École school and I must say it´s amazing!

All the best for you and your horses.


I am so happy to have found your site and learn of your love for horses. I am so angry at the way they are treated. Here in the US, when a horse is no longer useful, he or she is sent to slaughter.


I have found your website by accient and absolutly love the relationship between you and your horses.

Thank you for the inspiration!

Kind regards

The work of NHEE is incredible and inspiring, thank you so much for all that all of you do.



Hi, first of all congratualation for your tremendous work and THANKS for everything you do to change the life of many horses.




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