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Alexander  Nevzorov: "This film represents a screen version of  famous quotation by Einstein: "Human mind which has once extended its borders can never go back to old dimensions." It is a film about  human mind capacity which has made it clear that intelligence is not our exclusive possession. It is an attribute of many mammals. If anyone nurtures illusions of this kind they have to reshape their views."  
The author claims: Although in comparison with the rest of the animal world the class of primates is inferior in everything: in speed, in strength, in reaction, in hunting skills - still primates feel extremely jealous whenever intelligence is concerned. People tend to view their mental abilities as their differentiating feature and feel deeply hurt whenever, for instance, mammals display theirs. The author disproves this myth in his film. 
"Manege horse reading" is a translation from Latin Lectio Equaria Palaestra - abbreviated variant - L.E.P. This is a stunning method which claims: any horse can be taught to understand alphabet and words and as a result to read. But it is a surface. The true essence of this manege practice represents a human attempt to show a horse that a teacher is an intelligent living being while the horse demonstrates its mental abilities.
Alexander Nevsorov: "When a horse comes into contact with a human for the first time it faces another animal which is badly lacking any intelligence from its point of view. Namely, it tries to cross interspecific barrier, produces sounds which are perceived as wild as hippopotamus's shrieks by a horse. Believe me the horse gets no more information from a human voice. To crown it all, the inadequate creature called a human makes the horse perform some strange actions or even worse uses forceful coercion. Manege  reading practices enable a man to demonstrate his intelligence to the horse".
What will happen to a man deprived of any "human" skills such as reading and writing? Why do we think of animals watching some human actions? How will any human be capable of self expression without hands or a tongue? What severe trials did the medieval scientists have to go through in order to carry on with their researches of human essence and brain? The new film by Alexander Nevzorov is intended to answer these and many other questions.


Paperback: 80 pages, black and white

Language: English

Product Dimensions:

5" x 8"

ISBN-13: 978-5904788209


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