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Lectio Eqvaria Palaestra (DVD+screenplay)

Books and movies about horses
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L.E.P. is a touching story of human-horse relationships and the deep insights they can bring.

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Every film by Alexander Nevzorov provokes a lot of questions: to the writer, to history, to ourselves. The First Channel (Russia) aired the latest film by Alexander Nevzorov, "Manege Horse Reading". It inspired hot controversy among its viewers.
A year in the making, the film was created on the borderline of a feature film and a documentary. In order to convey his ideas on the subject convincingly Nevzorov illustrates them with true stories from the past, boldly travelling through the time. Genuine articles from the period provide authenticity, which is a primary concern for the filmmaker. The director acquired the articles from various museums and private collections. For example, in the scene with a Templar the king of Portugal is holding an actual gothic silver cup dated from the XIV century. Genuine books, genuine swords.... even the skeleton dates back to the XV century. Beyond those more than 100 costumes representing different historical periods were made for the film.
Viewers enjoy a unique opportunity to watch real lessons of Manege Reading given by Nevzorov at his School. These scenes represent actual School sessions and were not staged primarily for the film. Kaogi, or Kao as Nevzorov calls him, stars as himself in the part of the pupil. The horse came into the director’s life three and a half years ago, he is now nine.
Although he has no idea of declinations and conjugations he can carry on a dialogue on various topics with his extensive vocabulary. Kaogi, as well as the other School students, speaks Latin.


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